Sambal™ Software Suite

Seamless Synergy

SAMBAL OS (1000 x 800 px) (4)

Sambal™ Operating System (OS)

The vehicle’s brain that guides its thoughts and decisions.

  • Optimal station-keeping performance with adaptive control system for wave and current compensation
  • Autonomous Target Tracking with seamless integration of sensor suite
  • Multi-sensor fusion with 3D geo-referenced datasets

When scrolling from the OS section to the next UI section, the UI image and corresponding arrows appear.

Sambal™ User Interface (UI)

The all-in-one computer application that bridges the user and the vehicle.

  • Control the vehicle to plan and execute missions in multiple modes, such as manual, autonomous waypoint, and autonomous lawnmower
  • Capture snapshots of abnormalities while the vehicle is in operation

Sambal™ Portal

The interactive cloud portal that helps users generate insights and reports.

  • Intuitive historical tracing of asset history and health without needing to read through a mountain of documentation 
  • Near real-time reporting of abnormalities to asset owner for quick action
  • Multi-data sensor display and interactive tools to provide deeper insights into the integrity of assets
  • Report generation in accessible file formats such as PDF and Excel for reporting to authorities and internal team collaboration