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Pioneering Autonomous Robotics-as-a-Service (ARaaS) on a global scale

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Leveraging on decades of proprietary data to operationalise subsea autonomy on a global scale.

Maximum Productivity,
Minimal Resources

BeeX designs and operates the world’s most progressively intelligent vehicles, to provide answers for underwater asset integrity.

The ever-improving automation and autonomy in our vehicles remove the need for expensive specialised vessels. Consequently, our customers benefit from these reductions, up to:

  • 95% in CO2 emissions
  • 70% of on-site personnel
  • 50% of operational costs

Enhanced data for timely decisions

Our software solutions help asset owners zoom into the most critical areas, 2-14X faster than conventional methods. 

Multiple stakeholders can make informed decisions promptly. This is achieved through the seamless integration between our hardware and software. 

Protecting People and Critical Assets

We are focused on delivering safety and value with the best autonomous and automated operations across these sectors.

Why the world’s most important organisations use BeeX

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does BeeX HAUVs compare against ROVs?

ROV operations today rely on expensive specialised supporting vessels and offshore personnel out at sea. The costs, environmental footprint, and risks of such methodology is largely similar; the model of the underwater vehicles used has little influence on these metrics.

BeeX helps our customers #BreakFree of these conventional limits. Our proprietary Hovering AUVs out-perform ROVs of its size, whilst supporting 2-3X more sensors. Our integrated software suite accelerates workflows by 2-14X faster, disseminating actionable data to stakeholders planning next steps.

Does BeeX sell your vehicles? What services do you offer?

We offer Autonomous Robotics-as-a-Service (A-RaaS) for single and repeated underwater inspection projects. We also offer long-term rental of our AUVs, provided that the users have received training from us.

We sell our AUVs in special cases, such as Defense, Search and Rescue, and UXO/Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Our service comes with complimentary usage of BeeX’s cloud-based data reporting, Sambal™ (sambal.beex.sg).BeeX also provides add-on services such as processing of 3D data point clouds and offering geo-referenced, multi-sensor Anomaly Reporting.

How does a-raas compare to purchasing my own rov? +

A-RaAS provides our customers fast access to the best technology, without hefty upfront capital investments.

The intelligence in the vehicles removes the typical bottlenecks faced with a limited quantity of highly skilled personnel, i.e. training and associated costs.

Our fully integrated sensor suite for underwater positioning also reduces mobilisation time, whilst providing access to high quality sensors.

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