BeeX’s flagship Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV), ideal for underwater inspections

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Rapid Mobilisation

Be on site immediately, without the hassle of diesel generators and clunky topsides1

All day operation

2 × 500Wh onboard batteries provides up to 7 hours of work.2 It is the highest amount of energy for vehicles of this size, to help get more done even in high lateral currents.

Extension of Life

Subsea-rated battery packs and hot swap ensuring the system remains powered and potential leak failures are minimized.

Supports Sensors and Toolings

Get the data you need with a customised mix of sensors, including and not limited to multibeam, lasers, extra lights, environmental probes, cathodic potential probe, pulsed eddy current (PEC) probe.

Bring on the Darkness


Overcome the Murk

Our real-time enhancement techniques clears up the camera footage, giving operators better visuals and allowing immediate reactions onsite.

TWO BRAINS unlimited possibilities

A.IKANBILIS is the most powerful computing platform underwater. The fast processing power of the CPU allows for instantaneous decisions, based on the numerous sensor inputs. The parallelism of the GPU enables the best of machine learning algorithms to unlock autonomy.

Highly Responsive Computer Controlled System

With a highly reponsive control system, A.IKANBILIS offers stable flight maneuvers, with automatic stationkeepingability that can work even in the toughest of currents

Autonomous Target Tracking

A.IKANBILIS is capable of robust untethered operations even in low visibility and new environments. Our approach goes beyond conventional automatic target recognition (ATR). Combining it with vehicle controls at the edge, A.IKANBILIS is capable of autonomously following structures it identifies.

Consistent High-quality Data Collection

Utilising the autonomous behaviours of A.IKANBILIS allows for consistent high-quality data collection that is independent of operators’ skill. Training time required for teams to collect such high-quality data is greatly reduced, and personnels can spend more time on the analysis of the data rather than the collection.

Watch some of A.IKANBILIS’s autonomous behaviours below.




See the difference between a human pilot and
our autonomous tracking behaviour

2D Past,
3D Future

Understand how your infrastructure is changing over time with 1 dive. With A.IKANBILIS you get both 3D sonar and 2D Visual confirmations, all geo-referenced and time-stamped to a single dive.
Fully integrated with pre-calibrated survey grade navigation and multibeams of various brands, A.IKANBILIS combines the survey and inspection scopes to reduce cost and time of underwater acquisition.

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