Create Meaningful Impact

Pioneering Autonomous Robotics-as-a-Service (ARaaS) on a global scale

Decades of Experience in Underwater Autonomy

BeeX is a deeptech spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Co-founders Grace and Eng Wei started building HAUVs >10 years ago. The team cumulatively built one of the world’s largest repository of underwater sensor data, and know-how of operationalising underwater autonomy at scale.

Today, BeeX specialises in providing autonomous robotics solutions to safeguard underwater infrastructure. With unprecedented efficiency, we help our customers protect assets they value, making sure they stay safe.

Purpose - Our Why

We believe that autonomous systems can transform the world’s ability to work at sea, covering 70% of Earth.

We create products to enable operations previously prohibitively resource-intensive to conduct at scale.

Our work directly affects the safety of assets and people today, with an out-sized impact on the future.

Mission - Our What and How

Transforming underwater capabilities at scale

Our Values

Supportive and Helpful

We believe that people achieve their best when well supported. We share our knowledge, support other sub-teams, and try to improve things.


We take pride in our work. We take initiative to collect feedback, reflect, and/or execute, even when no one is watching / tracking.

Adapt and Iterate

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps us test and learn. The best products are delivered with consistent improvements made, learning from every experience.


We see opportunities in challenges. We are curious about how to make things better, and maximise value with limited resources (like our vehicle).

Working Hard Together

Nothing great comes easy. It is going to be lots of hard work, every individual will struggle, but we do it together

Meet the Team


Production Technician

More into the Physics of things and tech savvy!!


Mechanical Design Engineer

I get out of rabbit holes as fast as I got into it


R&D Collaborator

I love what I do, and I only do what I love.

Ren Zhi

Electrical Lead

I believe getting an office cat will boost productivity


Marine Autonomy Technician

if you want to have a good breakfast, get yogurt with granola. if you want a bad breakfast eat yogurt then granola with milk.

Eng Wei

Co-founder and CTO

I was a boy scout, survived Everest basecamp, and many other hikes, but now have Arthritis.


Procurement and Admin Executive

Learned Face Reading. Since then has been observing faces of people to check on what I had learned.


Co-founder and CEO

I was supposed to pursue a bachelors’ in Pure Math, and love concepts like Graph Theory. However I did not get a scholarship. My life has completed changed ever since. 😀


R&D Collaborator

I like make things go fast

Kok Wei

R&D Collaborator

I enjoy observing real fish.


Marine Autonomy Technician

Lego is my fren


Electrical Design Engineer

I’m shocked when things go wrong in my line of work – literally.


Business Development Manager

As an adult, I chose vegetarianism. When I found out that marshmallows aren’t vegetarian, I bawled. I’ve never indulged in one since.


R&D Collaborator

During tropical climate sea trials, my colleagues often exclaim ‘So hot!🔥’. I could not help but kindly accept their compliments with a gracious nod.

Wei Han

Mechanical Design Engineer

SWH rotate 180 degree about the axis normal to the plane is HMS. I am 98% introvert and 4% fun. Thanks Wei Hong

Wei Hong

Software Lead

Saw a LEGO robot following a line when I was 10, started coding then and never looked back.

Yan Zhi

R&D Collaborator

Was with Youth Flying Club building model aeroplanes during my secondary school days, but now I’m underwater and autonomous

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