BeeX’s Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV) that is Bigger and BETTA™, ideal for underwater interventions.

Why we invest in making BETTA™

Existing methods for inspecting offshore wind farms face challenges due to limited time in favourable weather. The use of vessels with underwater robots is hindered by weather conditions, restricting operations to as little as a few hours a day.

By contrast, BETTA™ is designed to overcome these limitations by offering an untethered, autonomous solution, making inspections more efficient and cost-effective in a wider range of weather conditions.

More current fighting ability being untethered
To be able to operate in a wider range of weather window
Reduce cost and increase scalability through less manpower and vessel

The ins-and-outs of BETTA™​

Optional tethered with no umbilical/tether as baseline

Unparalleled current fighting capabilities in up to 4 knots forward and 3 knots lateral currents

Built for Heavy Duty Work

12kg Manipulator capabilities + 20kg of additional payload capable

Strong Signal Strength

Command and control HAUVs from a remote control-station over 4G or Satellite link

High Operational Run Time

Operational average runtimes of 2-15hrs depending on currents and operational speeds.

Withstand Harsh Wind and Swell Conditions

Operational sea state of Hs 1.5m at least

Superior Image Capturing Capabilities

Stereocameras, multibeam, FLS, monocular cameras as standard

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