Our name & logo
2nd July 2020

Our company name is pronounced as BeeX.

‘Bee’ reminds us to never forget our foundational roots; the struggles at the beginning, the people who believe in us. It is the hard work put in by 7 generations of BumbleBee, the autonomous marine robotics team we started at the National University of Singapore.

Xencapsulates our present and our future. Solving for the unknown is what we do. Our team decided on being trail-blazers. We are on a difficult but exciting discovery journey, overcoming challenges on the way. X is the long-term benefits of our work that goes beyond now; where we are striving to enable our customers to surpass status quo.

Our logo (designed by our software engineer Wei Hong) features 4 quadrants, indicating our specialization in hoover capable systems. Our vehicles will stay at a fixed position when programmed to do so. This is more challenging than traditional single-thruster systems, because we have to do a lot more hardware and software engineering. Incidentally, bees also have 2 pair of wings 🙂

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem on Earth, and is a natural enabler for life. They are hardworking and their honey makes our lives sweeter and better. That is our multi-disciplinary team, working together tirelessly to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

This is the beginning of us, and we look forward to sharing more of our work!